Unique Exercise Routine Means Happy Campers!

Our rates are based, not on how big or how small the dog is, or how much space he takes up. Rather, it is based on our exercise program.
If a dog is neutered and compatible with other dogs, most are $27.50 per day. (Day care is $20.00 per day.) Unneutered or incompatible dogs are $32.50 per day, as they have to be exercised separately. All dogs are exercised so we do not board dogs that cannot be handled. A few giants are $30.00 per day. We feed Pedigree Mealtime. However, we are glad to feed your food. A second meal (morning if you supply it) is $2.50 extra, as are medications.

Cats are $15.00 per day per cat. Some quarters are roomy enough for your 2 cats to share!

We also board mice, rats, birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, cockatiels, and parakeets and an occasional iguana, turtle or pot bellied pig, from $8.50 to $18.50! We do not board large parrots.

We accept cash or checks only for payment. We do not accept credit cards.




We are very conscientious about our vaccination requirements, checking not only on recent vaccinations, but we also ascertain that the animal has a history of vaccinations. Dogs need to have a current rabies, bordatella, distemper, parvo, and optional corona yearly boosters*. Puppies need to have had their complete series of at least 3 vaccinations through 4 months. Because of this, we do not accept puppies under 4 months of age, but suggest a neighbor, 4-H'er, or housesitter for that situation. Cats need to have been tested for feline leukemia and received that vaccination plus a booster. They also need distemper and upper respiratory annual boosters plus a current rabies.

*Recently adopted shelter dogs need to have had a series of 2 (DA,2PP) vaccinations before being accepted for boarding.


Please Call to Make Reservations and for correct directions.

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Mon-Tues-Thur-Fri: 7:30-10 am, 5-7pm
Wed: 8-9am, 5-6pm
Sat: 8-10am, 5-6pm
Sun: 5-7pm ( Pick-Up Only)
Closed Holidays


Since we believe in personal service and are often outside with the animals, it is quicker to reach us by phone. We return all messages the same business day.

Kennel Nirvana
Contact: Glenn & Natalie Carlton
5630 N. Abington Rd.
Tucson, AZ  85743
Ph: 520.743.3117
Fax: 520.743.0791