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Camp For Dogs

Select Country Boarding for Special Pets In A Guest Ranch Setting

Surrounded on 2 sides by the Saguaro National Park West, we are proud of our QUIET kennel. Our guests can interact with other compatible boarders in one of our large exercise yards where they can socialize, run, play, swim, go potty, or just “hang out,” enjoying the sunshine and having a good time.

While dogs enjoy the socialization of the exercise yards, (13 total), they have their own individual sleeping quarters which they would only share with a family member if so desired. We have 3 different types of sleeping quarters designed for the comfort of your dogs. 


Since we believe in personal service and are often outside with the animals, it is quicker to reach us by phone. We return all messages the same business day.

How Often will my dog go out?

They go out twice a day for hours (not minutes) as long as the weather is nice. We try to imitate as normal a home routine as possible. Our exercise routine, coupled with plenty of sleep time, keep our boarders happy and stress (and odor) free.

I have more than one dog. Can they stay together?

Family members may share all inside and some outside runs. We encourage owners to bring a bed or a blanket to make your pet feel at home. You may also bring toys or chewies, as well as your food if you don’t want your dog’s diet changed.

We have inside runs and inside cage space, both climate controlled, as well as outside runs for claustrophobic or outside dogs. 

My dog is an outside dog. Can you handle that?

Our outside runs are complete with dog houses with a flat, loafing roof and a mister system to mediate the summer heat.

What Happens during the hot summer months?

Our exercise yards are all shaded by mature trees as well as shade cloths.  The dogs go out early in the morning as well as later in the afternoon/evening.  During the heat of the day, all are resting inside in our climate controlled block building. 

We Love your cats too!

Cats are housed in a separate room, apart from the dogs, in large condos, which encourage exercise. They have built-in ledges, and are equipped with carpeted cat houses, for extra sleeping areas.

Kennel Nirvana
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